23 SecureDrop strings need work (January 2018 string freeze)


As of today, 23 of the translation strings need attention. This is the last update before the release scheduled January 16th, 2018. This release will include translations for Spanish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Dutch. We’ve declared a string freeze, meaning developer won’t modify any string before the release. This will hopefully give you enough time to update the translations.

A few more languages were translated 100% in the past weeks and could be added to this 0.5.1 release, if reviewers step in:

  • Chinese (Traditional) thanks to Hong Feng, Chi-Hsun Tsai, H.-L. Lee, Jin Lin Wright, Shih-Chieh Ilya Li
  • Finnish thanks to Magdalena Stenius
  • Italian thanks to Beatrice Martini, Manuel D’Orso
  • Polish thanks to soniabana
  • Swedish thanks to Jenny Dybedahl, Magdalena Stenius
  • Turkish thanks to T. E. Kalaycı

Reviewers from localizationlab now have the ability to Approve a string, meaning translators can only suggest modifications but cannot modify the translated string. This helps make sure the strings they reviewed are not changed unexpectedly right before the release. See this post for more information about this new feature.

If you notice something odd in the strings marked Need review, this is not a bug and there are good reasons for this to happen and nothing we can do to improve that. This is rare though and you can just provide the correct translation and all will be good. If you think the problem you’re seeing is different, please followup on that thread in the forum.

On the weblate language page, you will see that some strings need review (they were modified) and others are new and not translated yet.

You can click on the red line and will be redirected to a page where you can see how the english string was updated.

If you think the translation is still good and does not require any update, you can uncheck the Needs review button and then Save to move to the next string. Otherwise you can modify the string and Save (the Needs review checkbox will automatically be unchecked as soon as you start editing the translated string).


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@erinm it would be great if you could quickly review the list of people who contributed to translations to Turkish, Swedish etc. above and let me know if a person is a localizationlab review who I may have missed. And it would be even more wonderful if you could spread the word about SecureDrop translation one week sprint starting today :slight_smile:

I will double check with Chi-Hsun Tsai because they generally do Trad. Chinese review.
I’ll also reach out to translators for all of the above listed languages, translation and review.

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@byeskille thanks for noticing the screenshots were out of date or missing. I reviewed all of them and added more. Hopefully that will give you a good enough context to translate the new strings. If not please let me know and I’ll add more !

Her/his permissions were elevated, please let me know if I should not have.

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That is perfect. I’ll update when I hear back about whether or not they reviewed all the strings or not.

Wow, that was fast: Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Dutch are all back to 100% ! And Spanish is real close too 99.5%. The i18n demo was updated with the latest translations for the source and journalist interfaces so they can be tested in context.

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The Spanish is due to the translator having some questions about whether or not two strings should be translated. Looking into that shortly.

@dachary Do you know if anyone has started the Italian review? I have an interested party that would like to review for the next release.

Not that I know of. And there has not been any activity in the past 24h. It would be awesome to have a reviewer for the next release :slight_smile:

Perfect :slight_smile: @dachary, meet @Claudinux who would like to do the Italian review and has also already created an account in Weblate.

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Thanks @erinm.

Welcome on board @Claudinux ! Your privileges have been elevated and you can now Approve translations (meaning translators won’t be able to change them so you can be sure your review is on something stable). You’re welcome to proceed with the italian translation right away. If you have questions about the process you can either read the SecureDrop localization documentation or just ask here or in the chat room.

Thanks for helping, this is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Thanks @erinm and @dachary!

I’m going to start reviewing the translation right now!