3 new strings for translation for 0.13.0 release (string freeze)

Hello everyone,

From today we have string freeze in place, means no more update of strings for the 0.13.0 release of SecureDrop.

We have 3 new strings in this release.

Reviewers from localizationlab are kindly reminded that they can Approve a string, meaning translators can only suggest modifications but cannot modify the translated string. This helps make sure the strings they reviewed are not changed unexpectedly right before the release. See the documentation for more information about this feature.

If you notice something odd in the strings marked Need review, this is not a bug and there are good reasons for this to happen and nothing we can do to improve that. This is rare though and you can just provide the correct translation and all will be good. If you think the problem you’re seeing is different, please followup on that thread in the forum.

On the weblate language page, you will see that some strings need review (they were modified) and others are new and not translated yet.


As always the translation platform is to be found at https://weblate.securedrop.org

These two new strings are a bit iffy:

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Thanks. Those are good points, and while we don’t want to make everyone redo their translations for 0.13.0, we will definitely revisit this messaging: