34c3 - Contributor meeting, December 2017

Several of us are going to 34c3, as such we should at least have a contributor meeting in one of the assemblies. We can do a short introduction / update on SecureDrop, and we can see if we can recruit some new contributors and translators from the community there :slight_smile:


  • I’ll be there :slight_smile:
  • I won’t attend and very much regret it :frowning:

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Awwww yissss. I’ll be there too.

@redshiftzero added a poll to your original message so people interested to attend can express their intention to be there.

For the record, the call for paper deadline is October 15, 2017.

https://eventphone.de/guru2/phonebook my extension is LOIC 5642

Now that we have a session time and location (thanks to @bmeson), we should decide what do do during this time. It could be a talk. It could be updates about Europe SecureDrop installations. It could be dreaming about a better future. Or (that would be my favorite) make plans for immediate action with meaningful impact.

I think organizing a talk is best, since we want to centralize a place for people to meet us and learn more. We can be a bit more technical than we were at MozFest and go over a bit more of the backend (grsecurity, python flask stack, etc) and try to get more contributors for internationalization.

That being said, we can also set up some times to hang out with potential contributors on the second day (our self-organized assembly is on the third day) and immediately after the talk. Plus there will be lots of time at the tea house to hang out and meet people.

@heartsucker what do you think?

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to join, but I hope you all have fun :slight_smile:

So I think we might be able to abstract away from a purely SD talk but instead do a talk about building secure onion services. That’s something that SD excels at, and there aren’t may FOSS onion services out there (at least not that I’ve seen). It might be good to discuss threat models for onion services and how others could deploy them. We would obviously use SD as the example in all this, but I feel like having a talk just about SD might be too narrow.


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I honestly think the discussion about secure onion sites is a bit too abstract. I definitely think we can include that in our talk but I think we have more immediate goals that we can get contributors for (moving to python3, translations etc)

IMHO it’s good to have both, depending on the audience. My intuition is that there will be just a few people so we can adapt to what they are after. I’m definitely more interested in getting new contributors than explaining technical details. But if that does not resonate with the audience (maybe we can lead wit this to get a sense of how they feel ?) we should switch to a technical talk about THS deployment & threat model as suggested by @heartsucker. Does that sound sensible ?

I guess I’m unclear what the appeal / goal of the talk is. I guess my suggestion would be something like how to share knowledge and give instruction in more of a lecture form than just catching everyone one up on what’s up with SD these days. I’m not sure how many people just want to hear about SD versus want to use CCC as a chance to pick up new knowledge. I mean, I fine with talking about whatever, but it would be goo to have that decided soon so we can post it and actually get people interested.

IMHO, I think its worth doing a basic overview of SecureDrop even if there isn’t something super new or flashy that got completed over the last year. The reason is CCC will have a diverse group of people, some who may have never heard of the project, and we can try to coral people in. I also do not object to doing more than one session, I just want to organize a basic talk.

The talk happened @bmeson thanks for making that possible and @heartsucker for delivering it :slight_smile: