Adding John as a new maintainer

John (@rmol on GitHub) joined the SD team as an engineer this year, primarily contributing to SecureDrop core. Based on his contributions thus far, I’d like to propose he become an official SecureDrop maintainer. He’s made many excellent contributions to the SecureDrop codebase, including migrating instances to Python 3 in production ( and improving the robustness of the secure deletion of encrypted submissions from the server ( In addition, he’s participated in pre-release QA and has acted as localization manager for multiple releases, where he’s advocated for and implemented improvements to our localization workflows for translators, reviewers, and localization managers. I’m confident he will be a great project maintainer.

Please :+1: if you are in agreement! This forum thread will be open for comment for 7 days.

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:+1: I agree! John has been careful and methodical in both reviewing PRs as well as creating detailed test plans for his own. I’m sure he will be an excellent maintainer.

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:+1: for reasons given :slight_smile:

John, wonderful to have you on the team.

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Since it’s been 7 days with only +1s and no reservations - John will be added as a maintainer! John I’ll let you know when I’m done with pulling levers in various places to get you write access.

Congratulations John! :tada: