Arabic translation


Here is how Login failed was translated in Arabic and I wonder if this is how it should display. Or is it expected the exclamation mark (if any) is to the right ? And the string should probably start from the right instead of ending right to the left ?

Ideas and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:



I would suggest to center align the arabic text

And perhaps the following translation would be more appropriate:
لقد فشل تسجيل الدخول

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@abuakram updated the translation with the suggested please double check to make sure I did not loose anything during the copy / paste :wink:

@abuakram after a little research I found a way to have it justified right. And it will do the same for all the messages. And you can also see the content of the input box are right justified. Is it acceptable ?

Well done … it looks very good

If you need help with html coding … I may have an advice or two :slight_smile:

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Will the user interface also change to arabic if chosen?

Yes, the idea is that it selects arabic if the web browser is in arabic. And the user will be given the choice, via a menu, to switch to arabic.

Thanks ! I’ll keep that in mind for when the Arabic translation is done. If you know people willing to help complete it, that would be great. It’s about 200 phrases, two hours of work.

@abuakram just noticed you’ve been busy translating yesterday, thanks for that :slight_smile: