Ask Me Anything about the European Directive on whistleblower protection


@veronika.nad spends most of her time working on the European Directive on whistleblower protection for which a draft has been published recently. A public consultation is open and will close June 22nd.

If you’re interested or curious, you are welcome to join Monday 28th, 12:30 for an informal Ask Me Anything session. If you have tough questions, feel free to add to this thread so @veronika.nad can prepare in advance :wink:

Note: you are welcome to bring your own food and have lunch while discussing.


Address : Inno³ OpenLaw - 137 Boulevard de Magenta - 75010 Paris
Metros : Gare du Nord, Barbès
Code : B7301, Stairs B, 2nd floor
Contact : Loïc Dachary +33 6 64 03 29 07


Can we share this in the LocLab Mattermost channel in case there are interested parties?


Intersting question. This will be a live AMA and not online. But … we can probably have a open for people to join from the internets. What do you think @veronika.nad?

But yes, even though it is last minute you are more than welcome to share this as much as you’d like :slight_smile:


Ah, I misread the announcement. Worth sharing for anyone based in Paris at least.


would work for me, no problem :slight_smile: in case that’s still interesting