Automatic screenshots for l10n validation


A pull request submitted today create screenshots from the tor browser during functional tests. When translating to another language, it would be most useful to compare a screenshot of the english version next to a screenshot of the translated version, to verify the layout still looks good.

I’m currently verifying the layout by navigating the interface manually for the experimental French translation and it’s tedious to say the least.

Unless someone says it’s a bad idea (unlikely) or that there is a better way to do the same (more likely), I’ll proceed with implementing something in the tests directory, maybe in the pages-layout directory ?


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It could also be used for CSS validation and other layout related changes. I suspect this has already been discussed in the past, don’t you think @redshiftzero ?

An draft implementation matching template names to screenshot file names works. Very convenient.

I suppose the ideal environment for someone working on l10n would be to check how the translation looks from a screenshot after translating a sentence. Since weblate pushes to a git repository, a webhook could re-create the screenshot including the translated sentence right away. I wonder if that has already been discussed and/or implemented.

You can upload screenshots to Weblate, though right now it’s more intended for source language screenshots. There is even API for managing screenshots.

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Nice to know: very useful to get more context about the untranslated string.

@nijel I am most impressed by the Automatically recognize feature of the screenshot management web interface. :thumbsup: