Available for help with Kurdish Kurmanji


I’m available for help with Adding Kurdish Kurmanji and Southern Kurdish to CLDR if volunteers need some kind of technical expertise or even just moral support :slight_smile: Now is the time where this is happening in the yearly cycle of CLDR.


@communia it was great seeing you at hackarnaval today and even more to learn that you have contact with someone willing to translate in Kurdish Kurmanji :slight_smile: I understand this is a very early contact and nothing is for certain, but there is hope! It would be great to meet this person with @Paris_Kurd_library at the Kurdish cultural center in paris, if at all possible. Fingers crossed !

On behalf of @Paris_Kurd_library

after talking to Ridvan, I confirm we are ready to meet this volunteer if he confirms his interest.

@communia would you be available this week? If possible I feel it would be beneficial to visit @Paris_Kurd_library and try to make progress. CLDR general contributions are open and I have ideas to contribute with very little time.

What do you think?

@communia thanks for stepping up :slight_smile: I tried to call and was told @Paris_Kurd_library will be there this afternoon.

@Paris_Kurd_library thanks for agreeing to a meeting tomorrow afternoon 15:00. Here is what we could discuss about:

  • Getting in touch with journalists or media, anywhere in the world, who have an audience (even if a small one) reading Kurdî Kurmanji. It would be very useful to interview them to better understand how our efforts can benefit them.
  • Contributing to CLDR: this is going to be difficult but worth a try :wink:
  • Create a working group to get this moving
  • Explore the possibility for the Kurdish Institute to get funding via https://iscproject.org/request-funding/ or similar funds with an interest in localization and privacy software to further this effort

We discussed the existence of various groups around the world who could be interested and active users but there is no direct connection with the Paris Kurdish Institute.

Both Ridvan & Gérard agreed to be disturbed when needed to keep things moving :tada: . A typical use case is:

  • I file a request for kmr inclusion in Unicode
  • Someone replies with a question that is non-technical but that only someone knowing Kurdish Kurmanji can answer
  • Instead of being blocked I would call Ridvan & Gérard for help

It was decided to create a working group with the Institut Kurde de Paris represented by @Paris_Kurd_library and localizationlab represented by @erinm and myself as a volunteer for both groups.

The Institut Kurde de Paris is a foundation (French law) and a suitable recepient for funding. @Paris_Kurd_library is willing to help with filing grant applications.

The goals of the newly formed working group are:

  • To improve Kurdish Kurmanji support in Unicode (that was the goal from the beginning :wink: for the benefit of privacy oriented software
  • To apply for funding to support that effort and more generally develop methods to better support minority languages
  • Establish contact with potential users of Kurdish Kurmanji software

The action items are:

Ideas & suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve not done anything on this front for weeks, except postponing action every week to the next. sigh

Someone actively participating in CLDR agreed to help with Kurdish. I am surbscribed to the list where activities are notified and sent a mail asking for help yesterday. And they replied today. I will continue this private conversation and update the thread as new information is collected.

It appears the process of updating CLDR happens every six months and not every year as I initially thought (see Milestone Schedule).