Bootstraping an i18n team


As much as I enjoy working with dozens of wonderful translators who contribute to SecureDrop, I must acknowledge that I became a SPOF and it is time to fix this. Just in case I’m on holiday when a string freeze is declared. There is no urgency so we can take all the time we need :slight_smile:

Everything is supposed to be documented but I’m sure we’ll discover knowledge that only exist in my head, there is no way around it. In a nutshell the i18n related work consist of:

If volunteers propose themselves, we could work as a team for the current (0.5.1) release. I would do the work and explain how and why, adding to the documentation when we find something missing. And the next time around we the mentee would take the lead and I would watch, ready to help if an unexpected difficulty happens.

Any takers ?

@kushaldas thanks for having this real good conversation about i18n today. It was kind of a post-mortem of the 0.5.1 work and hopefully gave you context beyond what is available in the above links.

I really appreciate your proposal to drive the next release. To help with that we’ll do a dry run next Tuesday (23 january 10am Paris / Berlin time). This will allow us to make sure you have all permissions and I’ll update the documentation with the missing bits.

Looking good :slight_smile: