Certificate of https://apt.freedom.press expired at January, 2nd 2021

While trying to prepare one of my SecureDrop systems for v3 it failed due to an expired certificate (?)

apt update is not able to fetch data from that site and I manually checked it and realized that expired cert.

Hope, it’s easy to be replaced :slight_smile:


Thanks Stephan, and sorry for the trouble. The expired certificate has been replaced, and updates should be working now.

Thanks for reporting, @salevajo. We’ve resolved the problem, and published an advisory acknowledging the incident: https://securedrop.org/news/advisory-temporary-certificate-error-aptfreedompress/ in case anyone else encountered it during the outage window yesterday.

Congratulations on the upcoming transition to v3 Onion URLs for your instance! Let us know if you need any additional support.