Cool name for a Tails derivative with SecureDrop built-in?



It would be useful to have a Tails derivative which contains SecureDrop and I believe it is a path worth pursuing to simplify the user experience for journalists and admins. This idea stays with me and surfaces from time to time in various ways (see SecureDrop simplification post from last year for instance).

With the emergence of a UX team and a more structured way to listen to SecureDrop users I feel a Tails derivative is going to help answer their expectations.

It would be nice if that idea (a Tails derivative which contains SecureDrop) had a cool name associated to it. Here are a few idea. They are all equally bad and only proposed to prove I won’t come up with anything on my own :slight_smile:

  • T4J (tails for jouranlists)
  • TailsDrop
  • SecureTails

Help ?


Imho T4J is cryptic and SecureTails is misleading to « more secure than tails ».

Something like TailsDrop or SecureDropOS better catch the aim of the project.


Peraps SecureDrop Workstation OS or something like that would be worthwhile.

While I’ll admit I haven’t made my own distribution or ‘spin’, I imagine the amount of work this would take wouldn’t be trivial.

On the other hand, the support burden has the potential to go down, which appeals to me. :slight_smile:


SecureDrop Workstation is taken for the Qubes based journalist workstation!


What about message ?




For the record, although I still think this is worth doing eventually, I think another simplification should come first.