Coworking on SecureDrop, Paris, April 2018


I would like to organize a one week coworking session from Monday April 9 to Friday April 13 included, 2018 in Paris. It would be an opportunity for SecureDrop contributors to meet and work together in real life. People who would like to discover SecureDrop and make their first contribution would also be welcome. But since it’s happening during working hours it is unlikely to attract a large crowd.

If you’re interested in participating during a few hours or during the whole week, please answer the poll below.

  • I will definitely be there
  • I would like to attend but I’m not sure if I can just yet
  • It does not work for me, I regret it very much

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From 9am to 6pm
Adress : Inno³ - 137 Boulevard de Magenta - 75010 Paris
Metros : Gare du Nord, Barbès, Poissonière
Code : B7301, Esclalier B, 2ème étage, Porte de gauche
Contact : Loïc Dachary +33 6 64 03 29 07


A gentle reminder to let you know that the coworking week is next monday :tada: There will be someone at all times, feel free to drop in whenever you feel like it!