Demo site for translations is available


As of today there is a demo site for translations so we can see how it looks.

This should help check what is missing and where the display does not look good in some languages.


Very good!

As we have no pending plans of translating to the second variation of Norwegian (norsk nynorsk, nn_NO).
Norwegian (norsk bokmål, nb_NO) should naturally be named as just “norsk” and not “norsk bokmål”.

Ok, I’ll make the change, thanks !

Another suggestion that might need more code changes:
As we hopefully get translations for many languages, the list of choices for the user would get very long.

Could it be a possible solution to let the admins of the SecureDrop instance make a shortlist of wanted translations and add them in the prod specific data for the instance.
With the shortlist we could list those on that list directly and put the rest in an “Other …” dropdown?

Maybe this PR is addressing this?

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No it does not. It’s only about the default locale when nothing else is specified.

@byeskille I added a SUPPORTED_LOCALES variable to that selects the locales displayed to the user in the menu. And shortened norsk bokmål to just norsk as you suggested. Here is how it looks now and you can play with it at the i18n demo:

I’m still unsure about where the drop down menu should go and asked for help hoping someone with some web design skill can suggest something sensible. I can do the CSS/HTML integration but I’m really bad at web design. To the point that I’m 100% sure whatever I will come up with will be an horrible UI :wink: