Do we translate everything that is in between quotes?

Do we translate everything that is in between quotes?

Sometimes I feel that it is a yes, but sometimes i doubt. But, I also hope that before this translation go into production we the translators may have a chance to review them in the content of the application itself. So that, we can see if there are buttons that reflect what we translated or not.

And please excuse my many questions, I just want this to be the most clear possible. The end user has to have it clear and easy to navigate and not guessing if what they click is correct or not.

Many thanks!

Here is an example:
Tap menu, then tap “Set up account”, then tap "Scan a barcode"
Are those buttons in English or Spanish?

Pulse en menú, luego pulse “configurar cuenta”, luego pulse “escanear un código de barras”

This is the purpose of the demo site. I just added Spanish so you can take a look at the strings in context ( and

The update of is not automatic, I do it manually. It will be automatic later this month and this will be much more convenient. In the meantime feel free to ask me and I’ll do the update within 24h. Sooner if I’m awake :wink:

Super!! Thank you. Looking at the one in Sp. right now.

Wow, very nice work!
Easy, simple, straight to the point GUI.
And the option of switching languages on the flight, very nice too.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

… on the “fly” : )