Enough Interaction Design



Discussing with @ei8fdb and @belenbarrospena I came to realize that:

  • It would be useful to prototype using pencil when prototyping with actual software is more time consuming
  • it would be useful to list claims and assumptions
  • I describe Enough as a whistleblowing system that provides progressive improvements to the journalists security skills until they can upgrade to SecureDrop but I did not prototype the upgrade path
  • the question that most interests me in the context of the journalist interviews is “What problems investigative journalists have and want to solve when it comes to using communication technologies and methods?”. It is easy to answer a call for help. It is more difficult to convince someone they have a problem when they do not think they do. For instance:
    • some journalists do not have a way to communicate anonymously with their sources and are actively looking for one (known problem, will to resolve)
    • all journalists use twitter and say it is a problem, but very few are willing to solve this problem (known problem, no will to resolve)
    • journalist actively research a go to technical person to help them (not a known problem)

Voila :slight_smile:


Here is a list (in progress) of problems journalists want to solve, built from the interview transcripts from the UX team:

All interviewees

  • send and receive encrypted email
  • having a volunteer go to person available at all times for technical support on all matters

Non SecureDrop users

  • receive leaks from anonymous sources

SecureDrop users

  • have a workflow for the submissions decrypted in the SVS