Enough usability testing



A person is able to anonymously send documents and communicate with another person.

  • A visitor to the leak page
    • trusts the receiver is the person they expect
    • sends one or more documents
    • gets confirmation that the document(s) were sent
    • initiates a text discussion with the receiver
  • A visitor to the leak page
    • creates an new test a leak platform associated with their e-mail
    • test the associated leak page
    • understands how to sort documents that are received anonymously
  • A person with a leak page advertises it


  • The participant is asked to explain
    • what they do
    • what leak platform they use
    • what leak platform they know about


  • About the Enough drop page
    This task should be done twice. First as a someone who wants to send documents anonymously. Then as somone who wants to receive documents anonymously.
    • Introduction: You found a link to the leak platform a journalist is using, on their home page. You click on the link to find out what it is about.
    • Task: Given this Enough drop page, could you describe what you see and what it means?
  • About the Enough registration page
    • Introdcution: You click on the “Click here to create a new leak platform” link from the Enough drop page you just visited.
    • Task: Given the URL to a registration page to an Enough instance, could you describe what you see and what it means?
  • Register
    • Introduction: You want to get your own leak platform, as proposed by the registration page.
    • Task: Perform registration steps and confirm your leak platform was created and is available. Describe what you see on the home page of your leak platform.
    • Expected steps:
      • Adding their email address to the registration
      • Checking their email
      • Click on the email confirmation link
      • Enter a username and password
      • View the Enough home page
      • Describe the content of the Enough home page
  • Test the leak platform
    • Introduction: You just created the leak platform and want to check it works.
    • Task: The Enough home page shows the drop link and explains its purpose. Follow the steps described in the page.
    • Expected steps:
      • Click on the drop link
      • Upload one file
      • Verify the file was uploaded by clicking on the corresponding link in the navigation menu or by navigating the file application
  • Test the notification
    • Introduction: You will not be watching the folder in which leaks are going to be sent all the time. A mail notification is sent to you whenever that happens.
    • Task: Wait 1 minutes, check your inbox for a notification, and download the latest document that was sent.
    • Expected steps:
      • Check mail
      • Click on the link to go to the folder
      • Download the document
      • Open the document
  • Advertise the drop link
    • Introduction: You have verified the leak platform works and want to advertise it to potential sources can use it.
    • Task: Advertise the drop link on your home page / profile.
    • Expected steps:
      • Copy the drop link
      • Add the drop link to their homepage, public profile etc.

July SecureDrop Community Monthly Meeting, Online

First usability test was a little bumpy but definitely useful. Here is a transcript:

  • Enough drop page
    • clicks on the logo at the top left and goes back
    • describes “I see four icons to the left, three to the right”
    • comments when reading the files sent here will be reviewed: “This is information for the reader… oh wire is new to me”
    • comments when reading Select or drop files: “This is a secure drag / drop page”
    • comments when reading Click here to create a new leak platform: “Is it leaky slack? When you go to slack there also is an invitation to create a new team”
    • comments “I am confused by the lack of enough logo " (the dented wheel is used as a placeholder) " and the presence of other logos in the top bar”
    • clicks on the “Create a new leak platform” link and the MacBook Pro 2017 crashed with a NVME kernel panic which created some unrelated confusion
    • Enough registration page
      • types their email in the input field right away
      • clicks on “Request verification link” but nothing happens and there is no feedback. Waits a few seconds and the message telling the mail is sent shows up.
      • the mail is not received by the gmail.com account, not even in the spam folder
      • the account is created using another email to keep the usability test going
    • Registration confirmation page
      • follows the confirmation link sent via email
      • clicks on create account but does not fill user or password, because it does not look like it is mandatory
      • the registration page redisplays with the Please provide a valid user name error message
      • fills in user & password, using their own password instead of the suggestion from Safari
      • stores the user & password in Safari
    • Enough home page
      • explores Files icon:
        • comments “should lead me to the files handlers, like dropbox”
        • clicks on the Files icon and comments “that’s what I was expecting”
        • clicks on a few items in the Files navigation bar and stops when told this is out of scope
      • explores NextCloud icon:
        • clicks on the NextCloud icon and comments “this is the home page button, that’s what I would have expected”
      • explores Activity icon and comments “ok, thunderbolt thing. I expect it’s related to what happens to files? But it shows something different”
      • explores Enough icon and comments “I am confused that nothing happens when they click because it just redisplays the same page”
      • comments on The little person icon “I don’t know what it is”
      • explores Right icon (i.e. the first letter of the account name)
        • clicks on settings
        • uploads an icon
        • goes back and wait for the icon to update because the operation is slow (the network is not great)
        • comments that there is no drop down menu when clicking on the icons to the left
        • mistakes the navigation bar for the drop down menu displayed by the top left icons
      • suggests an alternate wording for “The following URL can be used to send your documents anonymously”: “Enough folder, they are not visible publiclty and can be reviewed privately.”
      • clicks on the navigation bar link to the drop page. Also clicks on drop page link in the page and comments: “they are the same”
    • Test the drop link
      • As a Source
        • clicks on the “Drop documents anonymously”
        • Safari displays a copy of the page instead of the select file dialog
        • clicks again and it displays the expected select file dialog this time
        • selects an image file to upload
        • selects a .MOV file to upload
        • hovers on the “Uploaded files” that shows and comments “oh, this is uploaded automatically”
        • comments “I am done”
      • As a journalist
        • click on the Back arrow to go back to the Enough home page
        • comments “I want to check that the files have arrived”
        • clicks on the Files menu and on Recent in the navigation bar, then Shared in the navigation bar and commends “I don’t see anything, I am lost”
        • after being guided to go back to the Enough home page and instructed to click on “incoming documents” they see the two files they just uploaded
        • suggests to replace “incoming documents” with “recent uploads”
    • Notification
      • reads the notification email and comments “Some files were uploaded should be reworded as there was some activity”


Today’s usability test was almost a total fiasco because the internet connection was super slow. It revealed a few things though:

  • When loading the NextCloud page on a slow connection, the list of apps in the top left corner do not display immediately, they show as an elipsis. And the apps show afterwards: they are loaded in the background.
  • The purpose of the drop page is unclear, there must be a text explaining what it is for
  • After the registration mail is confirmed to be sent, something should say: “Please check your inbox”


The usability scenario was updated to match the latest changes. All issues reported during the first two usability tests were addressed and enough.media was reset with the latest.

We are ready for more :slight_smile:

  • A simple page that shows me more than one way to enter in contact with the journalist. I can send anonymously (top phrase). After that I saw “click here to send file”. Then I read the description.
    I was a little lost because there are multiple ways to contact. But I can also go with another platform which shows at the bottom. It should be “Click here to create your own leak platform”.
  • The creation of the leak platform page
    • Logo which I don’t know about
    • Not sure if I can trust that
    • I don’t know what it is about
    • It could be a site that wants my data
    • The SecureDrop at the bottom is not very readable. I know SecureDrop but … I don’t know.
  • Enter the mail
    • Check immediately look at the mail
    • The phrase displayed seem usual
    • The mail goes to spam
    • I see a confirmation link, I click on it
    • I create an account?
    • I created a password, a simple one
    • I created an account
  • Looking at the home page
    • It’s something I would have liked to see before registration
    • It explains what the platform is about
    • There are two steps which I can test
    • I click on the step 1, then I click on “Drop file” (it’s still Camille, that’s confusing)
    • I upload a file
    • Is it already sent? Yes, it is sent but I did not see.
    • And now I don’t know what to back? (instruction given by the person conducting the test)
    • Click on the file logo and comments “Yes I received it”
    • Opens the file received, it is displayed as an image
    • If I was to advertise, I would use twitter. Not the long link but a bit.ly link.
  • Notification
    • Yes, I received it, it’s good