Etckeeper became clean

@fpoulain I like that you added etckeeper on each machine. It is great to track problems. I’m not sure I understand why it was unclean and became clean today though ? Note that I did not read the role: this may very well be a stupid question :wink:

***** Service Monitoring on *****

Git /etc on weblate-host is OK!

Info:    OK

When:    2017-11-11 06:26:09 +0000
Service: Git /etc
Host:    weblate-host

I see (at least) 3 ways etckeeper can become clean:

  • the main securedrop-club playbook is run. Then the role commit_etc will commit with a msg like: `Commit by playbook launched with rev “a69e994 secrets and customization”’;
  • apt install/remove is launched. Then we will have pre/post commits;
  • there is a daily commit.

This was the latter which occurred at 06:25.

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