FreeOTP backup & restore


For the record, here is what I did to backup the FreeOTP information from one Android (Lineageos) mobile and restore them to another one. The FreeOTP app was installed on the new phone.

  • with developers options active (tap 7 times on the kernel build number in settings > about phone) go to settings > developers options and set Android debugging
  • plugin the mobile to the USB port
  • adb backup -f ~/android-org.fedorahosted.freeotp.adb org.fedorahosted.freeotp
  • type a password on the old phone
  • adb restore ~/android-org.fedorahosted.freeotp.adb
  • type the same password
  • open FreeOTP to verify the data is available


the new freeOTP (Jan 2023) allows backup and restore in app, see adb restore <freeotp backup> does nothing - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

p.s.: by the way, the method shown by dachary above didn’t work.