Getting feedback from SecureDrop journalists


As discussed during the engineering meeting last week, we need to do better to take into account user feedback. A first step proposed by @redshiftzero is to allow sources to send feedback. We could also invite journalists who use SecureDrop to vote on usability changes.

To that end I create a poll on a simple usability aspect: Conversations ordering: oldest first or most recent first?

I asked the two journalists and SecureDrop users with whom I have direct contact to vote or comment. It would be great if people who also have contact with journalists using SecureDrop could invite them as well.


After discussing with @belenbarrospena, I came to understand this may not be the best approach. It would amount to ask journalists to be experts in software design, to decide based on an abstract idea what is best to implement. In a nutshel, the better way is to observe what users do.

I have much to learn on how to better listen to users :slight_smile: