Hackarnaval, Paris, May 2018

Check here a great event for those who will be in Paris 17 May.


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I’ll be there, hoping to discuss and hack on SecureDrop!

There was not much hacking involved but definitely a lot of discussion. This was a friendly and small event and I listened to @communia presenting the Tor project with gus@torproject.org. Also met with @eraviart and discussed the idea of a leak platform dedicated to Open Data, a use case for which Enough seems to be a good fit. Not sure if that will happen but… it’s an interestingly strange idea :stuck_out_tongue: Also met people from La Paillasse who may have space for SecureDrop contributors passing by to co-work: nothing for sure however. A representative from a Hackerspace located in Ivry was present and I plan to visit them next week to discuss more about SecureDrop & Enough and cowork.Toward the end of the day there was a presentation from Marine & Axel about RGPD and legal action against GAFAM planned next week.

It would be nice if this event happens again next year. It was not too busy and had good wifi.