Hackerspaces that I like


This is a list of hackerspaces that I like because I find them welcoming, I had good conversations with people on topics of interest to the SecureDrop Community (development, security, journalism, activism, legal, privacy, etc.). I also include hackerspaces that I would like to visit because someone told me they might interest me. I thought about making a list that is less subjective but it really is a matter of personal preference, I suppose.

I am creating this topic in the Support category because I believe hackerspaces are places where volunteer support for SecureDrop can and should happen.

Where URL Comment
Barcelona, Spain - -
Beirut, Lebanon https://wiki.lambalabs.com/ -
Berlin, Germany https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C-base -
Brussels, Belgium - -
Lisboa, Portugal - -
London, UK - -
Luxemburg, Luxemburg - -
Paris, France https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/SSL -
Prague, Czech Republic https://brmlab.cz/ -
Tirana, Albania https://openlabs.cc/ plan to visit some time in 2019
Tunis, Tunisia - http://startup-haus.org/ is not a hackerspace but it may be a place to find people who know hackerspaces
Vienna, Austria https://metalab.at/ planned to visit but French strikes canceled the flight

Definitely welcome in our local hackerspace in Tirana, Albania: Open Labs :slight_smile:

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Deal, will make plans for that to happen in 2019 :slight_smile: