Help improve the SecureDrop user experience!

SecureDrop needs your help to improve its user experience. What are we doing well? What are we doing poorly? What is confusing? How can we improve? Would you like to help facilitate user testing, or contribute to ongoing projects? Anyone is welcome to join our weekly online meeting. For more information and to see what we’ve been up to, check out our wiki or get in touch via email with @ei8fdb @ninavizz @belenbarrospena @saptaks @veronika.nad @inna @Fabrice and @mickael.

We have three main classes of users:

  • Sources - these users submit messages and documents to SecureDrop instances for journalists. They submit to a particular news organization.

  • Journalists - these users check SecureDrop instances, interact with sources, and write stories based on the documents and messages they receive.

  • Administrators - SecureDrop administrators run the SecureDrop instance of a particular organization. They onboard journalists, monitor the SecureDrop, and apply updates when necessary.

Sources and journalists are expected to be non-technical users. Administrators are expected to be technical.


At the moment we’re looking to understand SecureDrop journalist workflows - what do you do with submissions once you’ve received them in SecureDrop?

It’s important to say - we’re interested in understanding how you work with the submissions - not who sent them, the subject or their contents.

If you’re willing to speak with us, or want to ask questions - please contact us or contact me directly via GPG secured email.