High end printers without wireless connections?


A SecureDrop user mentionned that using the low end recommended printers causes them problems. The image quality in particular is not good. Maybe it is because the paper used is for laser printers, maybe it’s just that they are cheap printers. And of course they are slow :slight_smile:

Do people have recommendations of high end (really good quality / speed) printers that do not have wireless capabilities?


The doc recommends “HP LaserJet 400 M401n”. I don’t consider it as a cheap printer with bad printing quality. So, maybe your user need some extra quality for extra usages to be defined, or maybe I don’t have a very hight expectation about printers I use. :slight_smile:

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Indeed the HP LaserJet 400 M401n seems good. I stand corrected, thank you!

However it is monochrome which may not be suitable to print photos.