How to translate "Submit for the first time"


In the most recent string changes we have Submit for the first time instead of Submit documents for the first time and submitted to journalists instead of submitted documents. I have no clue how to translate that in French. There is no such concept as to submit something to someone without specifying what. It’s like saying send to journalists: the reader wonders what exactly was sent.

I’m curious to hear if there are similar problems in other languages?


I think that a way to handle “submitted” in this case could be to consider it like “If you already had contacts with …”

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For the record, I asked AO (the French localizationlab coordinator) for his opinion on the matter, via email today.

AO figured it out in French: it works :slight_smile:

  • Submit for the first time => Faire un premier envoi.
  • If this is your first time submitting to journalists, start here. => Si cela est votre premier envoi à des journalistes, commencez ici.
  • If you have already submitted to journalists in the past, log in here to check for responses.
    => Si vous avez déjà effectué des envois à des journalistes, connectez-vous ici pour consulter les réponses.

The idea was to replace to submit with make a submission, in case this is also useful in other languages as well.


Hi @dachary
I had a similar doubt and wondered why the word ‘documents’ was removed without syntax adjustments.

Strings such as

-Submit Files or Messages

-You can submit any kind of file, a message, or both.

made me think that it was in order to convey the possibility of sending other things.

I had translated as ‘send some material to journalists’, but now, after reading your comment, I changed to just the equivalent to ‘faire un envoi’, ‘submitting’, without the object ‘journalists’ which looks unnecessary.

In French, your translation works, but if someone else is struggling with this string, they might consider removing also ‘journalists’ if it makes it easier to find a solution.


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To quote @erinm from the localizationlab chat on that topic:

“Submit for the first time” sounds fine to me. With zero context it would be confusing, but within the source interface the assumption is that you will be submitting documents. Direct objects are cut so often in English to save space and time that it doesn’t sound awkward to me at least.