Howdy! — (wtf with the 15cc minimum for topic titles?! #uxfail)


Hello, folks! Some of you may already know me, though I don’t believe most of you know me, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Nina, and I’m a product designer and researcher.

I did some volunteer work with SecureDrop a little over a year (or two?) ago, and FOP asked me to come back on contract to work full-time on the Qubes Journalist Workstation for the next few months. Unlike my prior work on the Source stuff for SD, this time I had a wealth of fantastic user insights to begin from—so, to all of you whom I have to thank for that—much obliged, terrific work—and, thank you!!

I’ll be sharing my insight documents from that research, shortly, as agenda items to review in the UX Meeting, tomorrow… and will post those here for the full team to see, once they’re completed (not for a week or two).

I Tweet at @ninavizz on the Twitters (tho not much, these days) and my website is

Looking forward to working with y’all, and to getting to know each of you!
:slight_smile: nina


wtf with the 15cc minimum for topic titles?! #uxfail

I changed that in the admin to min 5cc. Irritating indeed…