I'd like to become a member of the UX Team

Hi everybody,

Our research team is working on the media sector and the transformation of information quality under the impact of digital technologies. Our goal is to identify specific features of production, consumption and circulation of information and to develop measurement tools to detect and monitor the quality of this information. My collegues and me would be glad to contribute to the interviews with journalists.

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Hi Inna,

It would be a pleasure to have you, thanks for the offer :slight_smile: The discussions we had last month left me with a lasting impression. Although the SecureDrop scope is narrower than PIL it would be immensely useful to share raw data and analysis.

Not all of us read french and I wonder if you have a short presentation of the PIL project in English?

Have a nice week-end!

P.S. As most of us are volunteers, it may take a few days for your message to reach everyone.

Hi Loic,
Thanks a lot!
Here is a short english version of the PIL’s abstract.
Pluralism of online news:
Some studies demonstrate the riskiness of market concentration and advertising income for the media pluralism. However, to our knowledge rare researches address this question by linking market structure to business models and users’ information practices. This is the goal of our multidisciplinary collaborative project which attempts to explore the linkages between, on the one hand, evolution of industrial concentration, economic models and social practices in the media sector, and, on the other hand, the information pluralism in terms of content, sources and information presentation. Another purpose of this project is methodological. It contributes to the development of innovative approaches in socio-economic framework of market analysis and in methods of linguistic representations and community dynamics.

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@Inna I think it would be easier to understand that If it was clear what you do.

@kingu i’m a researcher working on press and media economics, in particular on the business models’ evolution in this industry and its impact on the information quality. Since February 2018 i coordinate a new three-year research project, PIL (Pluralisme de l’information en ligne). Bringing together 20 french scientists, its purposes go far beyond my personal research interests and include, for instance, the questions about readers’ and regulators’ expectations/perception about diversity and quality of journalistic information as well as development of technical tools of information quality measurement (for instance, right now IT team is working on a tool to measure news originality and journalistic added-value in comparison to different available sources). It’s quite difficult to answer in several words what exactly i/we do as the scope the research questions we are working on at the moment is quite large (there are at least 6 complementary axes in the project), but asap we’ll be glad to share some first findings (we’ve just started so i cannot provide any ready-to-read publications, but you may find online some previous studies of the members of our group).
I’ll be happy to answer any further questions


Welcome to the UX Team Inna!

Are you involved/in contact with journalists in different countries? What kind of work do they do?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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@Inna a week has passed since you proposed to join the team and since there is a consensus in favor, you were granted membership to the ux project, as well as the confidential part which holds the transcripts of the interviews. Welcome !