Improving the journalist experience with tails


Adding the pdf-redact-tools to tails provides one more software the journalist can work with on the Secure Viewing Station. Are there other software we could package in the same way and that would be helpful ?

The long term maintenance of such software is a concern although it is limited to following the upstream and updating the package fto Debian GNU/Linux sid whenever a new version is published. Fortunately the rest of the release process is taken care of by the tails release managers.

To further distribute the maintenance burden, I propose the debian developer uploading to Debian GNU/Linux immediately seeks help (see RFH) and actively tries to recruit co-maintainers. It may be months before someone is found.

The packaged software will show up on the Secure Viewing Station the next time it is upgraded via:

  • copying the latest tails to a USB key
  • booting the SVS hardware on this USB key
  • pluging in the SVS tails USB key
  • calling the tails-installer
  • upgrade the SVS tails USB key

which is the current upgrade path, if I’m not mistaken.


Another option would be but I just met the developer the other day. Setting up a meeting with them soon…

@bmeson , I don’t get how Type Specialization could be useful to journalists ? I must be missing something :slight_smile:

@dachary it is just a demo site, it is JS library built on top of PDF.js that handles redacting PDFs.

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