Internationalization update & roadmap


In a nutshell all i18n modifications are implemented and have been reasonably well tested. The French translation is complete and reviewed, the Norwegian translation is complete and ready to be reviewed. A few other languages are in progress. For those interested in details:

  • We managed to merge over 50% of the pile of i18n commits during the 0.4.3 development cycle
  • Loic made sure there is at least one independent PR ready to review at all times to reduce the pile
  • Jen has been diligent and reviewed/merged one i18n PR every day
  • a i18n demo is up for people to try the translations
  • has 100% French & Norwegian translation, review in progress from localizationlab for the French translation, some progress was made on Chinese and Arabic
  • The weblate review process is being worked on but is not a blocker
  • The EFF glossary has been copy/pasted in the SecureDrop localization documenation
  • The EFF glossary is likely to use weblate as well and in the meantime we can send updates to Kimberly when we find incorrect translations
  • Internationalized passphrase generation is supported in the code and a French translation is provided

There is no formal roadmap and the plan is to make progress on a regular basis on the following topics:

It may take a few months before this is fully merged into SecureDrop. In the meantime, it is possible to try and use the SecureDrop localized version with:

Enjoy !