Internet Freedom Festival, Valencia, March 2018

IFF March 5-9 2018


Las Naves
Calle de Juan Verdeguer 16,
46024 – Valencia (Spain)


Internet Freedom Festival will happen March 5th to 9th in Valencia, Spain and the session registrations are … now :slight_smile:


Looking at last year’s schedule, there’s a lot on there about the intersection of journalism and tech, and I think it might be useful to submit a workshop on journalist / source protection best practices. Would anyone like to collaborate on that?

Registration at

I would. It’s all quite messy though… not sure how to proceed :wink:

Ok, well I’m going to submit a proposal for that, and if it gets accepted, then we’ll deal with the finer details.

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Mail received today:

Dear Friends,

As things ramp up here at the IFF headquarters, we really appreciate the love we have been receiving from you folks! Sending the love back via some amazing NEW Community Stories found below! Here are your community updates for the week of October 16-20.

News and Updates

*** October 31 is the deadline to submit your proposal for the 2018 IFF! ***
You have ONLY two weeks left to submit your session proposals! The demand we are expecting this year is very high. To ensure your sessions get the consideration they deserve from the IFF Fellows, please submit them by the deadline.

Our guide for what a great session looks like:

Submit your session proposal(s) here:

*** New Region added to the Diversity and Inclusion Travel Fund ***

The Diversity and Inclusion Fund (DIF) is back to provide travel assistance opportunities to 2018 IFF session hosts from the Global South. In addition to Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA, South Asia and Southeast Asia, we have added Eastern Europe to the fund.

Please note, you can only apply to the DIF once you submit a session. You can do both by visiting:

Our Community Speaks at the UN Human Rights Council 36th Session
Various organizations in the IFF community came together on September 19 to share their growing concern over the growing crackdown by States on the use of secure digital communications and the release of the #Istanbul10.
Read the speech here:

New policies needed to close the digital divide, says Internet Society

The Internet Society (ISOC) has today launched a new report “Spectrum Approaches for Community Networks,” outlining policy initiatives that government, the private sector, and local actors can take to expand Internet access to underserved communities and remote areas.

Community Stories

Azerbaijani Exile Spotlights Risks to Internet, Press Freedoms

While she still deals with the trauma of ongoing trolling three years post-exhile, Geybulla is not one to back down when it comes to Internet freedom. The freelance journalist, blogger, and outspoken critic of online harassment is currently seeking a partner to document Internet censorship by the Azerbaijani government.

Thoughts on Journalism, Media, and Communications for the 2018 IFF

Each week, our fellows will share their views on their themes, and the topics they are most excited to discuss during the Internet Freedom Festival this March. This time around, we’re focusing on Journalism, Media, and Communications:

Umbrella: Helping Users Deal with Digital and Physical Security Risks

Every so often, we like to feature a particularly awesome project from the IFF community. Umbrella, an app that helps users learn about and deal with digital and physical security risks, is exactly that. We talked to Rory Byrne, an IFF alum and one of the project’s co-founders, about the inspiration behind Umbrella and his goals for the app:

Get in touch with us to feature your story in our Medium publication!

Upcoming Events

Would you like to see a calendar of these and many other events online? Let us know, and please keep us informed about events you plan on attending!

  • COCONET (Southeast Asia Digital Rights Camp) *


Indigenous Connectivity Summit

  • Internetdagarna*
  • Simposio LAVITS 2017 *
  • Primavera Hacker *
  • Global Voices Summi

@dachary Yeah, I submitted one called “Effective Privacy for Sources and Journalists.”

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Warning: a mail titled “Confirm your Attendance Now!” which looks like spam actually contains a link to confirm your attendance to IFF. I almost deleted it and … would have been unsubscribed :slight_smile:

Take this opportunity to find people willing to do a cognitive walkthrough of the source interface.

@heartsucker was your talk accepted ?

Nope. (adding more text because “post must be at least 20 characters”)

Looks like the schedule is not yet published (still 2017). I’ve never been to IFF and wonder how to best prepare to take advantage of my time there. Ideas welcome !

@RamyRaoof I see you’ll be at IFF and it would be great to get a chance to meet you and properly thank you for your contribution to SecureDrop.

yea that would be great to connect looking forward : ) and if there are more folks from here at IFF it would be even better to meet all of us if we had chance out of sharing experiences and connecting more as a wider team. :raised_hands:

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Hi @ramyraoof would you be willing to talk to me about your localisation work on SD at IFF?

I’ll be there talking some other contributors to SD. I’m a UX designer who’s recently started contributing.

I’ll happily buy you a drink as a way of saying thanks. :pray:

(Edited: because my stupid tablet spell checked UX to U.S. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

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There are various topics developing in preparation of IFF and a category was created so this thread does not turn into an uncontrollable mess :slight_smile:

yes of course @ei8fdb would be happy to share and talk : ) lets do that

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@ramyraoof great. I’m looking forward to it!