Interviews of Russian speaking investigative journalists


It would be great to interview investigative journalists who publish in Russian. Maybe some of them would be interested in using SecureDrop. Or even better: we could discover there already exists a SecureDrop instance available in Russian. And even if this interview does not lead to SecureDrop in any way, it is a precious input that will guide projects (such as Enough) who try to provide practical solutions to real world problems.

Here are journalists who would be good candidates. I’m planning to try to get in touch with them. If someone already know one… that would be great :wink:

Mail template

Dear ABCD,

I am working[1] on SecureDrop, a whistleblower submission system that media organizations can install to securely accept documents from anonymous sources. A Russian translation was recently added[2] and we are looking for investigative journalists who would want to use it to better protect their sources.

Would you have time to discuss about this?




No reply from any journalist. It may very well be that all mails fell in the spambox :wink: If anyone has direct contact with an investigative journalist, it may work better?