Is the Portuguese (Brasil) translation ready for the release?


I’m inclined to think the Portuguese (Brasil) translation is ready for the release, because there has been a lot of activity and great discussions recently.

I’m asking anyway because there are still many pending suggestions. This is not a problem and I’d be happy to discard them for you if they have been taken into account.

The 0.5 release is scheduled tomorrow and it is very exciting to see how fast progress was made on the Portuguese translation. It would be great to be able to publish it tomorrow.


@dachary for some reason a few strings were locked and I couldn’t edit them. Now everything seems to be fine, so I’m taking one last look at the pending suggestions. It should be finished in a bit.

Ok, it should be done now.

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Hum, I don’t see why the strings were locked. I’d be interested to know which one exactly to make sure it does not happen again (in case it’s a bug or something).

I see is 100%, great news !

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Maybe it has to do with making suggestions or comments to a string?

Maybe. If you run into this again and you happen to remember the sequence of operations I could do to repeat the problem, I’ll report a bug to the Weblate authors.

Thanks for your work and for your patience, it’s great working with you :slight_smile:


And thanks. Likewise.

I m just back home now. Happy the translation is ready to release.
Thank you so much, @btonasse. It was really great to collaborate with you. The first translation was already very good and I learned a lot in the process of bringing the final translation out. And @dachary, thank you for all and see you tomorrow!
Finally, thank you @erinn !
all the best,

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@communia I’m the one who should thank you for your pertinent suggestions and for opening my eyes to a few things I hadn’t thought of before. Your attention to detail was very appreciated.

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