KJ Technique, Fully Remote (session 3)


@ei8fdb @belenbarrospena @saptaks @veronika.nad @Inna ,

Shall we schedule another remote KJ ? I feel the result is valuable and eager to process more interviews :slight_smile:

It would allow us to confirm using the etherpad as follows actually works:

  • Choose a color that is not already used anywhere in the pad so the lines can quickly be visually recognized.
  • Go to the top,
  • Read the sentence,
  • Cut it
  • Control-f ## to quickly go to the next category
  • Add the sentence as the first line of the most relevant category
  • Go to the top again

We can cap it to one hour with:

  • 30 minutes where each participant takes sentences and sort them
  • 10 minutes for each participant to go over the sentences they sorted and explain to the others why they chose to put it there

Slicing the interviews in sentences in advance helps keep the session timeboxed to one hour. We have 5 SecureDrop user interviews sorted, there are two more pending.

If this remote affinity mapping technique actually works, we should be able to move on to how journalists use digital tools with a specific goal in mind.


Iā€™d like to become a member of the UX Team (@Fabrice)
Request to join the UX team (@mickael)

@ei8fdb would you have time (1 hour) in the next few days for us to do that? My hope is that you will like it :slight_smile: