Kurdish translations and localizationlab

Bonjour @Paris_Kurd_library,

During the Internet Freedom Festival two weeks ago we got to discuss Kurdish Kurmanji translations and the more general problem we face when a language is not widely spread in the the tech community.

@erinm from localizationlab was very supportive and suggested we also try to figure out who potential users would be, for SecureDrop or other related software that protect human right defenders and journalists.

And indeed, localizationlab seems like a perfect context for this research. There already is a vivid community of localizers from all around the world and highly motivated staff.

Would it be possible to talk with you some time this month to get a better sense of who, in your opinion, would be interested in using software such as tor, PGP, Tails or SecureDrop? I’m available most of the time, just tell me when :wink:


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