Language menu improvements


There are three improvements that have been requested by users regarding the language menu.

  • Using something else but flags. This was debated and it was decided to keep the flags for now. But also to keep the discussion going.
  • Showing something like a triangle pointing down to make it clear this is a menu. A user said he did not realize it was until I showed him.
  • Starting all languages with an uppercase. It was decided to do this in the past but I totally forgot about it, my bad.

Please voice your opinion: now is the time :slight_smile:

My two comments:

  • No flags. I feel that flags marginalize countries. No flags, keeps it neutral. Open. IMHO.
  • I agree, showing something or a label saying to choose language of choice is needed.


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Agreed. Strongly against flags. I like the wikipedia approach of having a logo of a couple characters plus a display of all available languages that are clearly links. This is the most obvious approach IMO.

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Proposed a pull request to address these changes at

+1, for sure, as it is actually quite confusing !

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Agree to everything in this PR. No flags, drop down menu, capitalized languages.

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