List of SecureDrop instances



Is there a place where I could conveniently load the list of known SecureDrop instances? Ideally a json dump of the directory would be good. Or any other parseable format really.

Thanks !


Oneliner to display the list of supported languages of a given SecureDrop instance:

$ torsocks curl --silent http://32qfx2skzcifeyg7.onion/ | tidy --numeric-entities yes -asxhtml 2>/dev/null | xmlstarlet sel -N ‘x=’ -t -m “//x:div[@id=‘index-locales’]//x:a” -v @href -n


@dachary That doesn’t currently exist, but I could wire something like that up. Do you have a specific use case in mind for this?


Yes, add a list to the translation category introduction with the of instances displaying a given language.


@harris is there anything I can do to help? A manually exported CSV file will do until something more sophisticated is in place :slight_smile:


Let me add this to my to do list and chat with @eloquence about scheduling work on this. I think it probably shouldn’t take me too long to add support for this once I sit down to do it. Thanks for the poke.


@harris I can write a quick web scrapper, that’s no trouble at all. I was aiming for something simpler but happy either way :wink:


As a stopgap, see the list in List of SecureDrops "in the wild"


@dachary Finally got you that API!

We’re observed some inconsistency in its return format. It should be able to return either a web UI or a JSON response and automatically switch between them depending on whether you’re in a browser or not, but that doesn’t seem to be completely working, which we think is due to our caching setup and we’re working on a fix for. In the meantime, you can force a format by appending ?format=api or ?format=json to the URL.


Update: caching issues resolved thanks to @conorsch! :tada: