Localized wordlist to generate passphrases


The french diceware translation was reduced (gut feeling on my part about what needs to go) and added to the i18n pile of commits (for the curious the initial import was first transformed into a list of words).

The functions of the source and journalist interface using this list of word were then [modified to use the list matching the locale], or fallback to English if none is available. It looks ok in French.

Since the Norwegian translation is 100% done I guess it would be good idea to also add a Norwegian wordlist from the list of diceware translations. @byeskille do you think it is good enough to include as is ?


Having a quick look at it gives me the impression that it is not very good to include as is.

The Norwegian diceware wordlist includes a lot of uncommon words and abbreviations.
And most Norwegians know English well - so by now I lean to keeping to the more well researched English wordlist.

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In that case we just need to do nothing which is always a good feeling :wink: