Making SecureDrop t-shirts, stickers, stand banner & table cloth


I’m not sure if I can easily ship to Europe, but I can check. Are you on Keybase? You could pass your home address to me in some encrypted form. :slight_smile:


I sent you a PGP encrypted email with my home address and checked that they ship to Europe.

Thanks again, really excited to get these stickers!


Excellent. Sounds good. I just placed an order and hopefully they’ll be in your house as soon as next week. Probably the biggest blocker will be customs (unless they make them from the EU, but we’ll see!).



Was shipment free or added on top of the USD 134 for 500 stickers? If shipment was free, it is a good indication that they do no send them from the US.


Can we please not continue with creating new swag until the style guide is finished? The new website has changes to the logo and color palette and we should reflect this. Let’s get coordinated on this folks and not rush it :confused:

Also, I could ask Stickermule to get us some free stickers so you don’t have to spend money on that.


We need swag, our life is meaningless without swag :slight_smile:

More seriously there are a few events happening in the weeks to come, reason why ordering stickers now made sense. It’s very generous of you to offer free credits and we should definitely preserve that for a new batch of stickers as soon as the design you’re working on is ready.

Thank you!


Ah okay that makes sense. Anything needed after August however we can print with new guidelines :slight_smile:


Sorry @elioqoshi! Freedom of the Press Foundation has been printing stickers for some time in this format, and we’re actually gearing up for HOPE. But I’m totally willing to participate with testing some new stickers under the new guidelines. :slight_smile:


Sure! But FotPF also decided to redo the website which introduced a new branding direction :smiley:


@edenemmanuel the stickers did not arrive yet. I’m not worried :slight_smile: Just curious to know if you have a way to track progress of the shipment / making?


@edenemmanuel thanks for the update: the delivery point is actually perfect! It’s near home and much better than UPS delivery which is a nightmare (knocking at your door at random unpredictable times and harassing you with cryptic threats to return the parcel ;-). I’ll pick up the stickers tomorrow morning and head right to #SSL right after to deliver a batch to @dshmL.


@edenemmanuel I picked up the stickers. There seems to be about 1,000 of them (roughly 10 packs of 100 stickers). Are you sure you ordered 500? Anyways… I gave 200 to @dshmL who is now ready to spread them :slight_smile:


Wonderful! So I forgot to tell you @dachary but it turns out that doubling the number of stickers was only like US$30 more or so. Because of that, I was like “why not?”

Hope you enjoy them! :slight_smile: