Migrating forum to new infrastructure


Apologies for the bumpy ride fellow SecureDrop users. We are in the process of migrating the infrastructure that hosts the SecureDrop forums to a new infrastructure provider. The reasoning behind this was to ease maintenance burden on the FPF team. The main thing existing users will need to be concerned with is that:

  • the domain is changing from forum.securedrop.club -> forum.securedrop.org. a technical redirect is coming shortly.
  • email notifications will come out from noreply@forum.securedrop.org
  • reply by email addresses will now go to reply+____@freedom.press

Thanks for your patience and please let me know if you experience any technical issues during the transition. Your existing credentials and post history should remain unchanged.

Mike Sheinberg, Engineer and Lover of Baked Goods


Looks great, thanks for all the work on the migration @mike! Will be updating links on securedrop.org now.


Thanks budddeh!! (Testing email response now).


Confirming new hosting location. Thanks, @msheiny!


Comment test to @conorsch


deleted forum.securedrop.club (IP today as well as all the backups.


Sweeet! Thanks @dachary !