Migration of GitLab UX wikis in progress


Hi folks,

As you may know, after a long period of graciously hosting and maintaining the securedrop.club infrastructure, @dachary has requested that Freedom of the Press Foundation take over hosting of this infra. The UX team uses two GitLab wikis hosted on the .club infrastructure to organize its work.

We (FPF) have decided against setting up and maintaining a GitLab instance for the time being (we may revisit in future). So SecureDrop-related stuff that’s currently on GitLab will be moving to GitHub. The GitLab UX wikis are logical targets for kicking off this migration, so I’ve started that process manually and created two new repos, https://github.com/freedomofpress/securedrop-ux and a separate internal repository. Those wikis contain the contents of the GitLab wikis (including history).

I have added all the folks who have access to the respective GitLab wikis to these repos, provided I have a GitHub account. For the public repo, I have added:
plus FPF staff.

For the internal wiki (contains sensitive transcripts), I have added:
plus FPF staff.

I do not have GitHub accounts for @veronika.nad or @Inna; @dachary is no longer active on GitHub. @veronika.nad and @Inna, if you would like to be added to the new repos, please let me know your GitHub username and I will do so. Thanks much for your help with this migration. We should be able to make the transition official by the next UX meeting (August 16 at 4:00PM UTC).

SecureDrop's GitLab instance will be shut down on November 13

And for those interested I explained the reasons for deleting my GitHub account.


FYI, this migration is now complete and I’ve put placeholder notices on the entry pages of both wikis. I’ve not copied over the two issues in the public repo, which look like early efforts to track UX research work as issues. In general, I would prefer we track those tasks in the relevant repo (e.g., securedrop or securedrop-workstation), as we’re doing for example here.

As noted earlier, if you previously had access but don’t now, please give me a ping with your GitHub username and I can add you.

I should note that the GitHub wiki does not have a meaningful notion of folders, so I moved all pages into the root and changed some page titles to accommodate. Unfortunately the web view of the page history does not track renames; if you want to see the full history of a page across renames, you’ll need to do the command line (you can clone the wiki like a repository) via git log --follow <filename>.


I’ve moved access to the GitHub repositories from individual accounts to a SecureDrop UX Team, so if you’ve previously accepted an invite, you will need to accept the new invite to the GitHub team membership. Apologies for the inconvenience!


@eloquence Hi Erik, sorry for the late answer, could you please add my account? I’ve just created the GitHub account with InnaIMT username.
Thank you !


No problem, @Inna1! Just sent an invitation. You’ll need to accept that invitation via GitHub, and then you’ll have access to the repositories. Let us know if you have any trouble.


@conorsch, @dachary Thank you guys! I’m sorry for my complete incompetence in the area : i accepted the invitation, but i cannot find the access to the interviews…


@conorsch, @dachary and i’ve just received this email: Your invitation to the Freedom of the Press Foundation organization on GitHub has been canceled


Hello @Inna1, yes, shortly after issuing the invitation, I revoked it, after noticing that your username on the forum does not match what @eloquence originally specified. The difference is Inna versus Inna1. Do you have access to the original Inna account you have been using on this forum since May 2018?


I think i still have access, but i’m not sure about the username (if it’s different from Inna))


I think i still have access, but i’m not sure about the username (if it’s different from Inna))

Great! Please comment again from the Inna account, with the name of the GitHub account you’d like to use.


ok here i’m commenting from Inna account


and i’d like to use this name


Thanks for confirming, @Inna! Re-sent the invitation to the “InnaIMT” GitHub account.


ya it looks better now)) thanks again for your help!