Minor fix: docs {doc_num} instead of {doc_num} docs


TL;DR: please translate two modified source string before December 4th

We were hoping to not ask translators for a last minute change but … bugs do happen. @redshiftzero caught a regression in the upcoming 0.5 SecureDrop release. In the previous release 0.4.4 we had {doc_num} docs which reads 5 docs. And we incorrectly changed it into docs {doc_num} which reads docs 5. And we did the same mistake with messages instead of docs. Although it is unlikely to confuse people, it looks strange and we prefer this is fixed before the release.

Unfortunately it means we need to ask you for one last update before the release and break our promise to not do that. If you do not have time for this right now, please let us know and we’ll try to find altnerate solutions.

Thanks for your patience and hard work on the translation of SecureDrop !

To make it easier for translators, I added suggestions in each language (except Arabic) by moving the {doc_num} or {msg_num} placeholder at the beginning of the phrase instead of the end. If the suggestion is good, it is enough to accept it and be done.

Thanks again for your patience :slight_smile: