Mozilla Global Sprint / SecureDrop hackathon


Mozilla has announced the dates for their Global Sprint, May 10 and 11th.. Typically this involves people hacking on a project from all over the world. It would be a good place to do a documentation sprint. We could also setup a SecureDrop hackathon during May 10th and invite community members to join in San Francisco.

Why should you and your community join the Sprint? It’s a chance to:

  • Supercharge a project with community contribution and feedback

  • Deepen relationships with community members, and bring new people to the work

  • Connect with amazing people in the movement for internet health, world-wide

  • Dip-- or dive deep-- into best practices for participation, collaboration, and working open

  • Prepare people and projects to participate more effectively in other events, like Mozfest

Official Website is here


I’d like to take part. I’ll more than likely be in Europe, which I do’nt suppose is an issue.


@ei8fdb i don’t think it will be an issue :slight_smile:


:ok_hand: (These characters are to fulfill the 20 character minimum. :slight_smile: )


There are three webinars being hosted by Mozilla for the Global Sprint


I did not hear back from Mozilla people in Paris. Did you? If nothing happens it’s not a catastrophy :wink: I’m just checking that I did not miss anything.


Hi @dachary

Given the 0.7 release being two days before, and the fact that I will be traveling the week before that, I have decided not to participate in the Global Sprint. Maybe next year…

  • Freddy


I don’t see a project I’d like to participate in at

As @bmeson suggests, we’ll try next year :wink: