Need Help Moving Translations to Correct Language

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Reposting this in a new thread in the hopes of getting some help

Thanks for flagging this, @deeplow! The actual PTPT_pt change in Weblate looks straightforward, but there’s a prerequisite I need to coordinate with our infrastructure team. I’ll let you know as soon a we’ve fixed this. :slight_smile:

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@deeplow, I’ve just exported the PT catalog and imported it back into Weblate as PT_pt. Before I remove PT, could you take a look at your convenience and confirm that PT_pt is set up as you expect?

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Yes, it all looks good. Thanks a lot!

Also, would it be possible to get newer strings for SecureDrop in pt_PT?

PT_pt has only 240 and 1,801 words while PT_br has 336 strings and 2,533 words and I never understood why. It’s like to stopped getting new strings a long while ago.

The securedrop client on the other hand is updated and in sync with the number of words of other languages.

Thanks for confirming! I’ve removed securedrop/securedrop-client/pt from Weblate.

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Thanks for asking about this, which stems from a limitation in securedrop's current localization workflow. I’ll nominate this for work after the pending 2.3.0 release!

Thanks for your patience, @deeplow! pt_PT is up to date in Weblate.

Our current localization workflow doesn’t make it easy to keep in sync a language that’s not yet considered supported for deployment. While we’re working on that:

  1. If a new language, in this case pt_PT, is brought up to 100% translation coverage leading up to the next release, we’ll be able to include it as supported.
  2. If a new language doesn’t reach 100% translation coverage in time for the next release, we may have to omit it from the release process and then sync it back up manually.

To be continued (and improved)…

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I’m following up here to note that March 18 is the translation deadline for SecureDrop 2.4.0. If we can get pt_PT up to 100% translation coverage by then, we’ll be delighted to include it as a new supported language in this release.

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The translation window for the SecureDrop 2.4.0 release has been extended to 2022-05-23 00:00Z. pt_PT's inclusion in this release is contingent on its reaching 100% translation coverage!

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Thank you for the time extension. I really needed it to get this done.


The translation for SecureDrop to pt_PT is now at 100% in both the web clients and the desktop client. All strings have been peer reviewed and it can now be included in the official release.

Hopefully this means strings in weblate will now be automatically updated.


Yes! Once we enabled support for a language, it gets string updates going forward. (And we have a ticket for streamlining that process too.)

Thank you for your time and work on this, @deeplow!

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