New strings for 0.12.0 release


Hi all,

We have 1 new strings as an update in 0.12.0. This means all the previously completed languages are now showing not complete (for strings). These new updates are ready for translation.

Please remember that the string freeze will happen on 19th February End of Day. There will be no more string changes from the developers after that. The translation deadline is 25th February.



Hello @kushaldas
I have being contributing ranslations to SecureDrop for more than a year. Now, I have just translated the string for the next update into Pt-Br, but then was I not able to save it. In the meanwhile someone else proposed and saved a translation, then I tried to suggest an alternative translation, but weblate didn’t accept my suggestion either. Does it have something to do with the recent shutdowns?
Thank you,


Hi @communia - sorry about that! Please check now and you should be able to save translations. Let me know if that isn’t working.


Thank you @redshiftzero. I’ll check later…I got blocked by weblate for trying to logging too many times…:slight_smile:
Thank you!


Hey @communia, were you able to log in again?


Hey @erinm. Yes, it’s working now. :ok_hand: