Norwegian Bokmål Translation & Review for 0.12.0


@byeskille and @kingu, are the two of you able to take a look at the recently added SecureDrop strings and coordinate translation / review by the 25th of February? I believe both of you are listed as reviewers, correct?



I have now quickly worked through all the strings needing action. So if @kingu can do a review we are OK.


Looks good now, but in

“renhetsopprettholdelse på tvers av sidebesøk”

should be

““Vask mistenkelige mellomsidige forespørsler””

However I can’t edit that string because it wants me to complete a Google CAPTCHA to do so.

Also, curiously “Avansert” (Advanced) in NoScript is “Adansert”, but that project is on Transifex, so can’t correct it.


Hey @kingu, I can make the change to the projects in Transifex or ask someone on the Norwegian team to do so.

@byeskille, if you have no qualms with the change Kingu suggested above, either you can make the update or I can do so.

Thank you!


I have changed to that term now. It’s the correct one from NoScript in Norwegian, but very hard to understand for normal users.

Have also requested to join the translation team for NoScript on Transifex as I have an account there helping out on Signal for iOS. So might be able to correct the typo soon.


I’ll add you to the team @byeskille. Thanks!


@byeskille, should I mark the updated strings as approved? Or are there any other changes you anticipate making?