Norwegian translation

The translation file was created and you can start whenever you want at

It is fairly easy (213 sentences). Once you’re done it would be great if someone could vouch for the quality of the translation. For these translations to be included in SecureDrop we need to make sure they are not misleading the reader because of a typo :wink:

I can add screenshots to translated strings so you know in which context they are used. Would that help ?

Thanks, that was quick!

I will recruit some other people involved with running SecureDrop instances here in Norway.

Cool ! I started adding screenshots to help contextualize the translation. Here is how it looks

Good! Those are very helpful in some cases in order to see the use of the string. I will skip some strings where I’m unsure and maybe revisit if they get screenshots.

I choseål because does not look like the good pick. Is that right ?

Both are used in Norway, but nb_NO is the most widespread. So the best place to start for sure. A translation to nn_NO would have to be a bonus if someone have extra time and love that one.

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Hi ! Is there any way I can help you with the translations ?

Hi again!

I have been away from work and keyboard for some time. So I have not put too much more hours into the translation lately. But now I’m back from travelling and will put in some hours soon. Though I see we now have another contributor (Allan Nordhøy / kingu).

I think we have what is necessary, but it is easy to produce and tag more screenshots that would be a bit helpful.

Another small detail: the term “collection” is a bit hard to translate and not necessary the best term in English either. Has the term been discussed anywhere before? I can’t see it defined in the docs as meny other SecureDrop specific terms.

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@redshiftzero will be able to answer this question :wink: Discussing the terms and how they are used is indeed in the scope of the localization effort. @erinm and Dragana from have experience with this and explain it better that I could. Localization is not just translating strings, it is adapting to the needs of the users and most of the time it involves resolving the UI pain point.

@byeskille if you want to discuss the usage of “collection” in Norwegian Bokmal in particular, I know kingu would be open for this kind of discussion. Since you feel the source content itself merits changing, I would suggest opening a new topic in the forum for discussion with the SecureDrop team and other volunteer contributors.

In the short term, try to always use the glossary to clarify your word choice. If you don’t think using a literal translation of “collection” is appropriate in Bokmal, go ahead and use the translation you feel is most appropriate - preferably after discussing with other members of the Bokmal translation team - and then add the reasoning behind the alternate translation in the glossary translation field. Unfortunately Weblate does not have a notes field in the glossary for adding related info.

Now most of the strings have been translated to Norwegian.

I can invite in a couple of other SecureDrop users from Norway in order to have several reviewers.
Should I just point them to: ?

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Great news !

can invite in a couple of other SecureDrop users from Norway in order to have several reviewers.

That would be great. The best way would be to invite them would be ask them to register at and then start reviewing at . They should leave a comment with OK if they think it’s correct. Or fix the translation (or suggest an alternative) if they feel like it. All these actions will be recorded under their name so in the end we can know what was reviewed and what needs review.

We’re still trying to figure out the best path to review: if they feel it’s too difficult or confusing, I’ll make sure we find something better.