Noticed a slight problem with 1SecureDrop2


While working on something unrelated, I noticed a slight problem with the Arabic translation, as shown in the screenshot below. It should read SecureDrop but we have 1SecureDrop2 instead. This can be repeated with the demo site dedicated to translations.

It’s hopefully an easy fix :wink:


I just updated the translation and I think this might fix the issue. With Arabic it is always a bit messy using bi-directional text and variables. I think that the initial translation had the tags slightly misplaced.
Let me know if this works.

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The problem is actually here : but I’m not sure how to fix it properly because it’s all backwards (from my point of view that is ;-).

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For the record there seems to be a bug in weblate, which was reported a minute ago regarding searching strings in Arabic. Reason why you did not conveniently find the problem in the first place. And also the reason it took me a while to find it, browsing all strings :wink:

Ok, I’m updating it now. When I searched “SecureDrop” I was not able to pull up that string in my results either.

The search now works. It was an incomplete index.

Perfect, I am fixing the problem string right now. One thing that I encountered in the process which I hadn’t noticed before is that translators transliterated “SecureDrop.” Do you prefer not doing so? To be honest, in most cases people are very familiar with dealing with Latinized brand names etc. The transliterated version of SecureDrop could also be added in parentheses after each reference.

Problem resolved - inshallah. Can check when the i18n demo is updated.

In only shows the string SecureDrop once. But it shows twice in the source string. Is this intentional ?

I’m a bit confused because I only see “SecureDrop” once in the English source string. Do you have a screenshot of the source with two instances of “SecureDrop”?

You’re correct, there is only one instance of SecureDrop in the source string. My bad, I was confused. The demo was updated and now looks good !

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Perfect. The confusion may have been that SecureDrop was erroneously written twice in the initial Arabic translation.