created from develop

Bonjour, is configured to watch the SecureDrop develop branch and create packages that can be used as follows:

sudo apt-key add key.asc
sudo apt-add-repository 

To use this repository instead of the FPF repository, create a new file install_files/ansible-base/group_vars/all/qa:


Replace the signing key

wget -O install_files/ansible-base/roles/install-fpf-repo/files/

This is handy for tests.


@dachary This is great!

As we’ve discussed before, there’s an informal QA playbook over here: that’s useful for testing the release candidate Debian packages. Testing from the develop branch is a big step forward, so thanks for putting in the hard work.

As that QA playbook illustrates, we don’t have a convenient story for overriding core aspects of the config such as apt repo URL and apt repo pubkey. In a future version, if we make those values variables, they can be overridden for targeted testing of develop or RC debs.

1 Like now also has packages created from the tip of release/0.5 as well (updated automatically when a PR is merged).

In the admin tails terminal, when installing 0.5 from scratch:

$ wget -O install_files/ansible-base/roles/install-fpf-repo/files/
$ ( echo --- ; echo apt_repo_url: ) | tee install_files/ansible-base/group_vars/all/qa