Pass the SALT, Lille, France


For setting up bridges between Security communities and Free Software hackers! for a timeline


I submitted a 20 mins talk.


SecureDrop is a free software platform for whistle-blowers, developed by the Freedom of the Press Foundation. It received the 2016 Free Software Award from the Free Software Foundation for Social Benefits.

It is a solution for mass surveillance systems. Developers, trainers and translators are encouraged to participate in their investigation to help their sources of anonymity.

This is not a lucrative market and companies will probably ignore it. So it is up to, citizens, to mobilize to help such a tool can exist to support the press freedom that we need.


I propose a shameless copy/paste of the excellent talk proposal from FOSDEM

This session will introduce SecureDrop, a Free Software whistleblowing platform which received the 2016 Free Software Award from the Free Software Foundation for Social Benefits. We will describe how it addresses the critical need for a way for journalists and sources to communicate securely and anonymously. Many large news organizations including the Associated Press (AP), the Guardian, the Washington Post and the New York Times are all now running SecureDrop in their newsrooms to preserve an anonymous tip line in the presence of increasing surveillance powers by governments and corporations. We will describe how SecureDrop works, how you can install it, and how you can contribute to the project.


@fpoulain received confirmation that you talk proposal was accepted. Congrats :100:


Do you know if you will be here, @dachary ?


I will not attend, unfortunately. Will your talk be recorded?


I suppose it will be recorded.


Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend. If someone can replace me it would be very appreciated.


You will need a ticket. Loic and me have 2 tickets to be distributed.

Schedule :

The talk have to be in english, 20min Q&A included, the july 3 from 15:45 to 16:05.

My last slides:

I wish I would added some threat model items and discussed tools deployed, removed TOR details, added Enought, translated all in english.

On stage, you will have VGA and HDMI inputs. The ratio and resolution of the video projector are 4/3 and 1024*768

In the event that your laptop and the video projector don’t want to
agree on a pleasant experience, please prepare a backup PDF version of
your presentation.

If everything goes as expected (Murphy, go away!), talks will be
streamed, recorded and put online after the event under the open license
you accepted on the CFP form.

The time frame of the videos publication is not yet known.

The contact: christophe brocas

If nobody can replace me I will cancel the talk next week.