Persistence not saving keyring passwords for encrypted USB on new install Tails 3.13.2


Hi there. Am setting up a new install of SecureDrop and running into a problem with the persistence feature. Essentially passwords are not being saved. Though persistence has been configured and all options enabled after each reboot the “tails” password keyring is empty. If I put in an encrypted USB drive and choose to remember the password, the password does save here, but then it’s gone with the reboot.

I’ve tried reimaging new Tails 3.13.2 and recreating the persistence but run into the same problem.
I’ve verified that persistence itself is working as the .xsessionrc file which I created stays and cat shows it has the correct content. Any ideas?


I think I’ve found a discussion with the Tails coders in which they decided to remove persistence of the keyring.

I’m going to try Tails 3.6, putting in the password, then updating it to current. Apparently this should keep the option alive. Will report back once I’ve found the old version and tested this. Alternatively will also see if somehow this can be re-enabled.


Thanks for the report, it does sound like the ability to persist passphrases for encrypted drives was deprecated within Tails and we’ll have to update the docs accordingly. We’ll do some of our own testing and follow up, as well.


I’ve now tested with 3.6 which I can verify has GNOME Keyring on/off option for persistence which is not present in current version 3.13.2. Tested setting up Tails with 3.6, enabling persistence, storing a password for USB drive in the keyring and then upgrading to 3.13.2. After upgrade the keyring from 3.6 is preserved, but under Change Persistence the option is now gone, though it is being persistently persisted. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve opened up a feature request with the Tails team to see if they would consider returning the feature.