Planning for a AMA about SecureDrop @ localizationlab


@erinm suggested we organize an Ask Me Anything online session to have a chat with localizers we did not get to meet in person at IFF or in the SecureDrop forum. It is also a good place to discuss improvements and generally have a better dialog between localizers and developers.

I propose we have this Ask Me Anything session April 12th, 2018 5pm UTC at the localizationlab mattermost channel.

  • I will be there and I am a SecureDrop developer
  • I will be there and I am a localizer
  • I cannot make it, please schedule another AMA at a later time

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Actually I don’t announce myself as a « developper ». I am currently a contributor.

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Likewise. It invokes a song of great lore and energy. I see you found a way to thwart its inception.

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